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Screw conveyors

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Steel products and semi-finished products

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Screw conveyor segments

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We never wanted to specialize only on one narrow field, so our business is focused on several different activities in the field of metal production and production services.

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ISO 9001, SIST EN 1090-1 to EXC3, welding procedures, attested welders and welding equipment, quality control service (QA / QC), investment in equipment modernization, investment in personnel development.

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Bearing technique


Our company is an authorised distributor of the world's largest bearings manufacturer, the Swedish multinational company SKF, for over 20 years.

Drive technique


The drive technology is mainly useful in terms of minimising energy losses during conversion.

Sealing technique

Even the best bearing cannot prove its advantages if we do not ensure proper sealing

Linear technique

The twenty-first century is, among other things, based on the accelerated automation of process products in the classical industry and represents a major step forward in reducing production costs, increasing productivity and improving the quality of manufactured products

Lubrication technique

The lubrication technique helps to suppress operating noise, heat dissipation, protect against corrosion, reduce wear and prolong the life of the machine.

Adhesive technique

With a general progress in industry (new technologies, new production processes, automation ...), we also notice clear progress in modern mechanical engineering in the field of adhesive technique and technology


In almost all industries, but very often and increasingly in industries where even applications and uses are needed in places of difficult access (e.g. auto-mechanic, nautical), the use of aerosols or sprays has recently dramatically increased.

Hydraulic technique

Most machines use hydraulics in their work

Tools for working with bearings

Maintenance and service personnel need special tools and accessories for safe, quick and efficient assembly, disassembly and control of bearings.

Helical impellers

Helical impellers are used for the transportation of various materials, such as:

Centre of knowledge

What should we look for when preparing for bearings assembly?

Roller bearings are reliable mechanical components with long service life, provided they are properly installed and maintained.


Proper assembly of bearings

Proper installation requires expertise and care, cleanliness and accuracy, as well as the right tool.

Bearing control during operation

It is estimated that around 10 billion bearings are produced worldwide every year.



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