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Hydraulic technique

What is hydraulics and how does it work?

Most machines use hydraulics in their work. The word hydraulics comes from the Greek word hydor = water and aulos = hose, i.e. hydraulikos, which means energy and information transfer by using liquid (oil).

Development of hydraulics, principle and application of hydraulics?

When the liquid is in a closed system and subjected to pressure, the pressure will be evenly distributed to all parts of the liquid. Liquids cannot be squeezed. Hydraulics or a hydraulic system uses the pressure of liquid to perform all the mechanical work.

The basic principles of fluid mechanics known as early as the antiquity, and its strong flourishing has been recorded since the 17th century. The advancement of technology has allowed the accumulated knowledge to become technically exploitable. Hydraulics is now used almost everywhere; among other things, it is constantly used in the automotive industry, aviation industry, construction, architecture, robotics, that is everywhere, where great power and precision is required. And the need for these elements is ever growing.
Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic systems, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic hoses ... all these belong to key elements and key devices based on hydraulic technique.

What are hydraulic hoses?

Hydraulic hoses are flexible and very usable. Hydraulic hoses are an integral part of hydraulic devices that enable rotation, elasticity and flexibility. They are used in various industries, for the flow of hydraulic fluids (fuel, oil, gasoline, lubricants). Hydraulic hoses can be high or low pressure, and we also know flexible hydraulic hoses. Hydraulic technique is certainly a key element of your machine or device, and hydraulic hoses are an indispensable component of it.
Our valued customers are supplied with the best quality hydraulic hoses of Manuli Hydraulics. With a wide range of Manuli products, you will always find suitable products for your use. Manuli hoses are far above the prescribed quality standards, because they are distinguished by their flexibility, compactness and lightness, as well as temperature stability, abrasion resistance, resistance to pressure and weather influences, but they also have a fireproof coating. Undoubtedly a good choice!
Our experts advise you quickly and professionally, and we can make you a hose of any length with any connection at any time; all exclusively according to your wishes and your choice. Everyday.
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Centre of knowledge

What should we look for when preparing for bearings assembly?

Roller bearings are reliable mechanical components with long service life, provided they are properly installed and maintained.

Proper assembly of bearings

Proper installation requires expertise and care, cleanliness and accuracy, as well as the right tool.

Bearing control during operation

It is estimated that around 10 billion bearings are produced worldwide every year.



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